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6 Ways to Differentiate your Customer Experience

In today’s competitive landscape, being able to differentiate yourself to win customers is more important than ever. Your prospects, and existing customers are hearing from your competitors every day. Comparing apples to apples, won’t differentiate your business. The key item to differentiate is how you change the customers experience with every interaction.

In this guide we are sharing 6 ways to make your customer experience a differentiator in your business enabling you to increase customer retention and gain new customers.

  • Relationships

  • Efficient Sales Process

  • Accountability

  • High ARPU Customers = Higher Level of Service

  • Reward Programs

  • L.E.O – Local, Educated & Optimized Support

The key goal with any of these items that you implement is to increase customer retention and/or attract new customers. Let’s dive in to these suggestions so you can start implementing these into your business.

1. Relationships

a. Build a relationship with your customers as soon as possible.

b. It starts with the sales team, continues to the install team, and remains of the utmost importance with the support team.

c. The customer needs to feel special in every interaction.

2. Efficient Sales Process

a. Customers want to be able to easily & quickly purchase the product. Don’t overcomplicate the process and/or the install.

b. Set expectations from the beginning on what the customer can expect during the install.

3. Accountability

a. Customers recognize that sometimes things are not going to go to plan. They key thing is to be accountable to fix the issue as soon as possible.

b. Over communicate at all times with the customer, and do what you say you are going to do.

c. Reward your employees for doing what they say they are going to do. Empower them to make decisions that solve customer issues.

4. High ARPU Customers = Higher Level of Service

a. Provide a differentiated level of service to your business/higher ARPU customers. Provide a support team for these customers with your most experienced agents.

b. Prioritize any escalations for these customers, that quickly escalate up your management chain until it’s resolved.

5. Reward Programs

a. Build a reward program for all your customers allowing them to gain rewards based on their monthly spend with your company. Your loyal customers will be reward and your higher ARPU customers are rewarded at a higher/faster rate.

6. L.E.O – Local, Educated & Optimized

a. Local Support – People want to know that the people they talk to really care about the local area & solving their problem. No one wants to see someone they provided bad service to in the local grocery store tonight.

b. Educated Support – Give your agents the education they need to be successful. It’s hard to provide good support if you don’t know how to fix the issue.

c. Optimized Support – Processes must be in place with the necessary tools to allow your agents to provide the differentiated level of service.

Work with your teams to implement a few of these suggestions to improve your customer experience. Based on our experience, if you implement these suggestions, you will increase customer retention and gain new customers crushing your competitors in the marketplace.

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