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Welcome from Laura & Tara

We are so glad you are here! You are probably wondering who we are, and why we started Coosa Business Solutions!

Here's a little bit about the history of Coosa Business Solutions.

Laura has been operating Coosa Business Solutions for the past several years, and supporting back office finance operations for multiple companies. When Tara decided that she was going to start utilizing her experience in operations to provide consulting services, it made sense for us to join our operations and the next phase of Coosa Business Solutions was born.

Coosa Business Solutions is guided on the values of loyalty, integrity & accountability. It's important that our customers and team members experience those values in everything we do. Our goal every day is to solve problems for our customers & ensure their success.

I'm sure you are asking - but who are Laura & Tara?

Laura Smith is married to her husband Bradley, and they have 3 beautiful little girls. Laura spent over 10 years in the finance industry before embarking on this new journey. She is incredibly creative and her expertise is in our social media marketing solutions, as well as the financial back office operations pieces of our business.

Tara Kelley is married to her husband Bryan, and together they have a brady bunch of 5 kids and 5 grandkids. Tara spent over 15 years supporting SaaS platforms in the broadband/telecommunications industry. Her experience as an executive in operations has her focused on our project management & customer experience consulting services.

Together, they bring a unique set of skills that allow them to cover a lot of ground for their customers and deliver an unmatched customer experience.

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